As a Filipino chocolate maker, Auro goes further by understanding local problems, issues and farmer needs:

  • Involving themselves in every step of the process – truly working hand-in-hand with partner farmers through education and community programs.

  • Educating farmers on international quality standards & proper post-harvest practices

  • Empowering cacao partners to treat their farms as a business thru trainings in business management fundamentals 

  • Helping families at risk of hunger, take-home vegetables and free training on value-added products at the farm in Auro’s Feedback Program

Better Quality, Better Price, Long term Partnership

With a mission to place the Philippines on the world cacao map, Auro Chocolate implements a unique pricing structure that offers significant premiums of 10 - 50% above the global market price to incentivize farmers to improve quality, encourage variety sorting and cultivation of local heirloom cacao varieties.


Farmer partners earn from 800 USD per hectare in 2015 to 2000 USD in 2020 under Auro’s pricing structure.  

Organic Certification Efforts

Auro is in the process of assisting their farmer partners towards a full organic certification. 

Thru trainings in the tools and methods of organic farming, Auro’s farmer partners can preserve the organic integrity of their cacao beans and create a positive impact to the environment.

Auro will also sponsor of the full cost of the certification application in the aim to be certified in 2021. 

Organic farming

Crowd farming Program

Through the Crowdfarming program, customers can adopt cacao trees directly from the farmers and have the harvest in the form of Auro’s premium Philippine dark chocolate bars delivered straight to one’s home.



Mang Jose’s dedication and leadership

Jose Saguban

Jose Saguban of Paquibato, Davao, recepient of the World's Top 20 Best Cacao Beans in 2019,  is one of Auro Chocolate’s original farming partners. The founders of Auro Chocolate, Jackie and Kelly Go and Mark Ocampo, first met Mang Jose in October 2015, and were impressed by his passion for cacao and leadership in the community.

Mang Jose has been growing cacao since the 1970s and believes in planting cacao that he personally enjoys consuming and not just blindly following the advice of others. 

As a result, he has a lot of older varieties of cacao in his farm. While Auro’s founders saw the fine flavor potential of Mang Jose’s cacao, they also recognized that he needed a lot of training and guidance as he had limited technical expertise and post-harvest facilities. Mang Jose is currently exclusively supplying cacao beans to Auro Chocolate.

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