During the 10th of November, Tzocolaté and Vinlagraren hosted a Chocolate and Wine Tasting Event for members of A house Ark. A limited number of seats were available with first come, first served basis, and in just a short time, the seats were full! 

We gave each participant a plate of different chocolates from Tzocolaté's product offering. The chocolate selections for the tasting were 70% Dark Chocolate Paquibato, 50% Dark Milk Chocolate Regalo, 32% Roasted White Chocolate with Cashew, 65% Dark Chocolate with Green Mango & Salt and Milk Chocolate Adobo. Wines were carefully selected by Axel Runeus, founder of Vinlagraren, to complement each chocolate.

The participants were extremely engaged and curious about the background of Philippine chocolate, its sustainable origins, and the stories behind each wine selection. Overall, it was an enjoyable afternoon for everyone to experience the complex flavors of Filipino fine craft chocolates paired with delectable wines.

Are you interested in our hosting a Chocolate and Wine tasting at your location? Contact us at info@tzocolate.com

Chocolate and Wine

Chocolate and Wine Tasting Event

Tzocolaté and Vinlagraren

Tasting event

A house Ark members at the tasting event

A selection of chocolates

A plate of chocolates