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A bean-to-bar Filipino company rooted in sustainability and direct trade.

Auro Chocolates is a multi-awarded bean-to-bar maker from the Philippines whose mission is to showcase the unique flavors found in sustainably-sourced Philippine cacao. Co-founded by best friends Kelly Go and Mark Ocampo. 

In just four years since it officially launched in 2017, Auro already received more than 46 international awards from the Academy of Chocolate (AoC), Great Taste Award and International Chocolate Awards. This includes latest 2021 Academy of Chocolates Shining Bright Award given to only four chocolate makers from 50 countries showing great progression. 

Also most notable of these recognitions is the Top 20 Best Cacao Beans in the World from the 2019 Cocoa Excellence Awardsnition together with Auro's farmer partner, Mr. Jose Saguban of Paquibato cacao farminng cooperative.


Auro win

Auro co-founders Mark Ocampo and Kelly Go with their awardee farmer partner, Mr. Jose Saguban of Paquibato, Davao. 

Auro – Innovation and Heritage

Auro—a portmanteau of gold’s chemical symbol, Au, and it’s Spanish and Filipino word, oro— it is the coming together of innovation and heritage.

With cacao cultivated in the Philippines for over 300 years, Auro wants to uncover the treasure of Filipino cacao beans and transform them into products that highlight their real value. 

100% Saloy Auro chocolate

Our curated box  of Auro's Best of Philippine Origins is the best gift for the chocolate connoisseur or the budding chocolate enthusiast who appreciates fine flavor chocolate like wine. 

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