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Best of Philippine Origins

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Best of Philippine Origins

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This gift is best for the chocolate connoisseur or the budding chocolate enthusiast who enjoys the luxury of fine flavor chocolates.   

Made of only three quality ingredients: cacao mass, cacao butter and organic muscovado sugar, Auro’s Reserve Collection is crafted from the finest hand-selected cacao beans of a single harvest and carefully fermented by small cacao farmers in distinct estates from Davao Region in the Philippines. 

Special flavors include: 

Saloy’s (100% and 70%), of tropical mountains and fresh spring water flowing through its lush farms, giving its chocolate very dynamic notes of herbs, bergamot & cherries.

70% Paquibato’s forest and fruit trees, giving its chocolate notes of forest valley flowers, dark honey, hints of raisins, pineapple and caramelized nuts. 

And that of 85% Mana’s lush tropical forests with notes of caramelized apple, rum, sweet banana & cashew apple.

Your special gift box contains four (4) award-winning bars: 

1pc. 60g  Auro Reserve 70% Dark Saloy Single Estate

1pc. 60g  Auro Reserve 70% Dark Paquibato

1pc. 60g  Auro Reserve 85% Dark Mana Single Estate

1pc. 60g  Auro Reserve 100% Dark Saloy Single Estate


❤️ FREE Personalised Greeting Card - where your message is carefully handwritten for you for FREE!

❤️ Exclusive Gift Box - decorated with a unique Filipino abaca fabric - Sinamay, sourced direct from the Philippines. 

Other things special about this gift set:

Inside are passionately crafted bars from the premium collection of Auro Chocolates. Auro is a multi-awarded bean-to-bar maker from the Philippines who won the special Shining Bright Award among 50 countries from the Academy of Chocolate in 2020 and most notably, was awarded with its farmer partner, the Top 20 World’s Best Cacao Beans at the 2017 Cocoa Excellence Awards. 

So if you want your impeccable sophisticated taste to reflect your gift, we got you covered here. 

Wrapper Design: Inspired by Filipino tribal art 

Mould Design: Inspired by Filipino native textile patterns


Bronze 2019, Academy of Chocolates

Bronze 2019, International Chocolate Awards Asia-Pacific

Silver 2019, Academy of Chocolates

Silver 2020, Academy of Chocolates

2-stars 2018, Great Taste

2-stars 2020, Great Taste


This product is manufactured in a facility that processes other products which may contain milk, soy, tree nuts and peanuts.

Storage Conditions:

Best stored between 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, away from direct sunlight and protected from high humidity.