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Top 20 Best Cacao Beans in the World

Jose Saguban top 20 best cacao world

In October 2019 during the Salon du Chocolat, the world’s biggest chocolate trade fair in Paris, France, the cacao beans of Mr. Jose Saguban, Auro’s farming partner and member of Paquibato Tree Developers Cooperative, was awarded by the Cocoa of Excellence as one of the top 20 best cacao beans out of the 223 samples coming from 55 countries.

He is the first Filipino cacao farmer to win Top 20 Best Cacao from International Cacao Awards of Cocoa of Excellence.

Auro Paquibato top 20 best beans award

 “The value and quality of fine chocolate is not possible without the hard work of small farmers who care for the trees in their land.” – Auro Chocolates

Auro’s Farmer Partners

Davao farmers met Auro in 2015 during its research for unique cacao varieties in the country.

Located between tropical mountain forests, the communities of Davao have been cultivating their cacao in agriculturally rich areas. In these farmlands, fruits such as durian, coconut, and mangosteen also thrive along with cacao.

Auro partner farmers

Most of the farmers in these areas have been cultivating the crop for decades, inheriting their lands from their parents who have passed it on from generations of cacao farmers.

They have been diligently taking care of their trees, reaping their harvests during mid-season that normally occurs from April to June and the during the high-peak season from October to January.

Auro woman farmer partner

Auro works directly with small cacao growers in Saloy and Paquibato communities in Davao, the cacao capital in the Philippines. 

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